Countertops can make or break a kitchen, you want your counters to be elegant and tasteful, to perfectly tie your kitchen together. There are many options when choosing slab material; the most popular choices are quartz, porcelain, marble, and granite. These all vary in look but have one common theme, they are prone to staining.

Obviously some materials are more prone to staining than others, but they can all be shielded by a protective film. This technology is an incredibly durable polyethylene product that protects your countertops from scratches, chips, and even the most acidic compounds (like coffee, wine, citrus, etc.).

Above is a preview of our team applying the film to a quartz countertop. Even if the film is some how scratched, you can mend this yourself with a simple application of heat. For example, a hair dryer can be used to apply heat and the film will mend itself at the scratched area.

Finished product!

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