Hardwood vs. Wood Porcelain Flooring

Many homeowners wrestle with the decision of what flooring will best suit the household. A common dilemma is – hard wood or wood porcelain? The homeowner first needs to understand the pros and cons of both options to then know which flooring best matches their lifestyle.


While hardwood is considered to be durable, it needs to be refinished and sanded to maintain its life span. Wood porcelain is much more durable and can last up to 20 years, depending on how it is maintained.


Natural wood is harder to maintain, especially when dealing with moisture. Some heavy objects or high foot traffic areas can be prone to damage to the finish of the wood. These problems don’t occur as often with wood porcelain. Also, cleaning porcelain is easier to do as you can use virtually any cleaning product, while wood requires regular vacuuming to avoid damage from grit.

Slip Resistance

Wood porcelain does come with some slip- resistant grading, however slipping may still occur when wet. The natural wood is much more slip resistant, when compared to porcelain counterpart.

Design Variety

Hardwood flooring comes with a natural beauty that is exclusive to real wood; though you are more limited to organic shades and colors, it brings a warmth to the home that cannot be accomplished with tile. Wood porcelain comes in virtually any color, sizing and pattern.


Overall, wood porcelain is the more economical option when factoring in cost per square foot, installation, and labor.

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